Destination KelleMiles

Dorcia Kelley, Former Fashion Editor, Current Lane: Interior Stylist, Lifestyle Brand Stylist, Curator, Entrepreneur & Art Enthusiast.

Curating with Kelle Miles...

Welcome inside KelleMiles; the globetrotting, fashion-loving maven whose style is now available through this unique lifestyle concept.  For years, Kelley has been traversing the world to discover luxury, art, and style. Building upon her years as a stylist and lifestyle editor, Kelley found herself curious about the origins of the luxury items that filled the closets of her clients. Her passion for life and thirst for inspiration have fueled her explorations, infusing her style with ethnic finds and one of a kind treasures. Her travels have taken her from the aromatic streets of India to the mystical sites of Hong Kong and back again, bringing to you a new concept in luxury shopping and personal styling.  Every season, KelleMiles will bring you a hand-curated selection of global treasures and artisanal staples.  Driven by unique craftsmanship, bold style, and covetable collectibles.

In addition to her selection of items that she has collected through her travels, Kelley will bring you a specialty line of luxury items for your journey. Come along on her journey of discovery, as she brings you all things unexpected, enviable, and surprising.