Former Fashion Editor, Current Lane: Brand Development, Interior Stylist, Buyer & Art Enthusiast.

Curating with KelleMiles...

For years, Kelley has been traversing the world to discover luxury, art, and style. Building upon her years as a Brand Stylist and Lifestyle Consultant, with over 15 years of expertise in the fashion, interior & hospitality industries executing brand strategies.

With creative and digital skills to convey a story telling point of view that transcends media, her professional opportunities have afforded her the training to be a creative business individual who can not only generate fresh, visually appealing market campaigns that live up to a brand's identity, but also able to use those platforms as sales tools which work cohesively to create profitable results for a brand. 

Through a keen understanding of international and domestic brand marketing and a gift for unearthing business needs, she consistently deliver results through creative and achievable design(s). Adept at market editing, photo direction with production of editorial content and concept ideation creation of lifestyle imagery for marketing collateral. She also serves as the “go-to” for sourcing the market and discovering indigenous products that brands need to elevate in emerging platforms.

Her experience has led to a strong understanding of brand marketing and design conceptualization while staying consistent in the lifestyle category. Always ensuring business needs are met through creative and achievable designs.